Cheapest 10 Summer destinations for 2022

Cheapest 10 Summer destinations for 2022

8/Morocco :


Morocco can offer you some unforgettable  places for your summer destination .

Starting with the Morocco’s mountainous city of Ifrane gives all the smells and sounds of Morocco while appearing to be a small Swiss village in the Alps. The buildings of Ifrane are alpine-style A-frame structures to allow the snow to roll off in the winter. While the rest of the kingdom scorches in the summer, Ifrane remains relatively temperate at around 30 degrees celsius. A MAD 60 grand taxi ride from Meknes will have you in the city center in just a little over an hour. Once arrived, your time will be best spent enjoying barbecue in one of the city’s many restaurants before heading to Ifrane Lake. Outside of the city center, there are plenty of spots to have a nature-filled picnic and enjoy traditional Moroccan mint tea. More over , you can drink from the flowing, fresh water spouts of Ain Ifrane.

Essaouira as well , is a must visit place in Morocco.This Morocco’s Gnaoua music capital lies just 180 kilometers to the west of Marrakech along the Atlantic Coast. Despite the city’s status as a tourist hub, the locals of Essaouira treat everyone the same. Due to the city’s design, one can spend days wandering around Essaouira’s hotspots such as the Old Medina, the fishing port, and the beach. 

If you are in Morocco you can’t skip one of the prettiest towns in it.Chefchaouen ,or like  it’s knwon  also as The blue Pearl of Morocco due to its blue washed streets and buildings . Chefchaouen is a small city in the Rif mountains in the north-west of Morocco.It’s the perfect place to be for photographers.There are a lot of activities you can do in it  such as hiking .You can also explore some beautiful  places in the nearby Rif Mountains.

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