Cheapest 10 Summer destinations for 2022

Cheapest 10 Summer destinations for 2022

9/ Madagascar :


Madagascar is an extraordinory travel destination, known as the Eighth continent by ecologists for its distinctive flora and fauna, with around 90% of the animal and plant species being endemic. 

Nosy Be Island, off the northwest coast of Madagascar, is one of our most idyllic beach destinations, along with the beaches of Morondava, Faux Cap and St Marie Island. The climate of much of Madagascar and Nosy Be in particular, is ideal for swimming and sunbathing, especially at this time of year. From late August to November, the climate is drier and not as baking hot at summer, just right for exploring and relaxing on the beaches.

The waters are clear and warm, and the sandy beaches unspoiled and tranquil. Activities include snorkeling, diving, fishing, and dhow sailing trips year-round.

From July to late August is the whale watching season, especially on St Marie Island, the Bay of Antongil, and off the east coast of Madagascar. This is the time of year when humpback whales can be seen with their young. From September to November is also a great time for seeing baby lemurs and flowering jacaranda trees.

The Malagasy have a strong and unique cultural identity that differs from elsewhere in Africa and beyond. Madagascar, one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots, also hosts diverse national parks protecting rainforests and its fascinating creatures.

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