10 Signs that you are with the wrong person

10 Signs that you are with the wrong person

5-You have a bad feeling in your gut:

your gut is the most powerful, trustworthy indicator to know if a relationship is functioning or not. A bad gut feeling is the indicator that this is not for you, and that you could do better than this, because you deserve better than this.

6-You can’t be your true self in front of them:

if you don’t feel accepted the way you are, if you feel like you have to pretend to be someone else in order fo them to like you or appreciate you or even approve of you. If you feel like they’ve been trying to mold you and shape you into someone that you’re not. Then, you should run for your life and never turn back.

7-You always feel like you need space:

wanting some alone time is totally normal, nevertheless, if you frequently want to be alone just for the sake of not being with them is not normal. So if you catch yourself feeling this way you should reconsider your choice in this person.

8-They don’t trust you:

 if your partner lacks trust in you, if they’re doubtful about your fidelity, than there’s no point of you too being together. You can’t be in a relationship built on insecurities and trust issues because it’s going to break sooner or later, so it’d better be sooner for the purpose of you healing sooner.

9-You’re not happy with them:

 what’s the purpose of being with someone who doesn’t make you happy?  What’s the point of being with a person who endlessly plays on your nerves and make you think of a way to avoid fights and arguments? Or even worse, what’s the point of being with someone whom you can’t stand and want to dodge completely.

10-Conversations with them are not the way they used to be:

 if you’re rarely satisfied with the path your serious conversations go because they misunderstand you and only listen to words as words instead of emotions as well. If they feel offended by everything you say and they miss out on what you’re really trying to say, and if you just don’t feel connected anymore, then this is you ultimate sign that this relationship is not founded on solid grounds.