10 Signs that you are with the wrong person

10 Signs that you are with the wrong person

Toxicity and red flags are much talked about in relationships.  However, most people show a tendency of turning a blind eye on them. You should keep in mind that the wrong person you’re with right now is impeding from meeting with the person who’s right for you. So in order for you to have the means to take control over your life and don’t let that happen to you stop ignoring the red flags and stop being afraid of being alone. Being alone is always better than being with a person who doesn’t fulfill your needs and doesn’t comprehend you and your emotions.  

Some signs are obvious and crystal clear to see, but we tend to ignore them because we’d rather see the good in the other person and give them the benefit of the doubt. Or, simply because even though deep inside we know that they’re not meant for us we’re scared to admit it, say it out loud and do some damage control. We just have to find the courage inside of us to do so and do ourselves some good for once and for all.

So here’s a hint of red flags that should make you run away if you find them in your partner:

1-You’re putting way more efforts than they are:

 every relationship should have a balanced amount of efforts from both sides. It doesn’t always have to be fifty fifty, because circumstances change and the state of mind changes with it. Yet, all it has to be is balanced and equitable.

2-You don’t feel respected:

if their appreciation and respect for you isn’t constant, or is getting slimmer by the second, you should reconsider being with this person. If respect is one sided, it means that the other person doesn’t see you as an equal or simply doesn’t see you at all.

3-You can’t be completely honest and open with each other:

if you don’t feel safe and secure sharing your emotions and feelings, if you feel like the person you’re with is not trustworthy or if they are judgmental, than why are you together in the first place?

4-They take you for granted:

once they know you’re in love with them they start treating differently. You’re no longer their priority, they think that you’ll always be there no matter what they say or do. Prove them wrong and show them it’s either they’re completely invested in the relationship or they’re not. There is no in between.