10 Signs that you are with the right person

10 Signs that you are with the right person

9-Your relationship is drama free:

what we mean by drama free here is, the absence of the over fighting about everything. If they tend to complain about everything, and instead of having a meaningful conversation you find yourselves yelling and screaming at each other for no obvious reason, than once again, you should run for your life.

10-You can talk for hours on end:

 if you can be open with each other, if you can bring up cliché subjects to talk about, if you can say anything and everything to each other and not being prejudiced about anything. Or if you can just sit with each other for hours and remain completely silent and feeling comfortable with that silence. Than this is you sign that your partner is the best person for you. And you should start thinking about settling down with them.

The same way there are red flags to turn away from, there are green flags that should be taken into consideration while in a relationship, and if you seem to be getting a lot of these green flags mentioned about it means it’s time for you to settle down and stop your search for your true love because, congratulations, it’s already here.