10 Signs that you are with the right person

10 Signs that you are with the right person

5-You’re both independent from each other:

you both should have your own private space. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you’re supposed to be glued to each other all the time. You both can go out with friends, with no pressure from the other person. Also, having some alone time is not the end of your world together. So, if you manage to be separate from each other and still trust each other, it means that what you have is going to last.

6-You’re honest and open with each other:

 if you feel the urge to hide things from your bae because they might get angry, or because you feel like they wouldn’t understand you, even if it’s small insignificant things, than you should run. This person is not meant for you.

7-They feel like home:

 if instead of feeling butterflies up your stomach, you catch yourself feeling at ease, calm, secure, and at great comfort. If when you’re around them they give you the sensation of ‘home, sweet home’, than you are home, and they are your home.

8-You’re both still interested in each other:

if even after time passes by you’re still interested in them and you still want to know thing about their past or childhood or things that they’ve been through. If you want to know about their present and how their day went or what they’re planning to do next day or next week. If you don’t get tired of listening to them talking, than you’re with the right person.

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