10 Signs that you are with the right person

10 Signs that you are with the right person

We’re mostly used to the kind of stories where love at first sight exists, where first love lasts forever; the kind of stories romantic movies and fairy tales sell to us on the daily. But here’s the thing, these things only happen in movies and in nighttime stories.

Real life hits different, and first love isn’t always our true love, sometimes it’s just the idea of love that we have in our heads, the love that we are so used to seeing on TV screens. In real life, the majority of people tend to fall in love various times before finding their right partner, sometimes it could twice, three times, four or even ten times. It depends on how lucky you are and on how good are you at reading the hidden signs that most of the time are disguised signals sent from the universe to help us tell if the person you’re dating now, is the right person for you or not.

In this article we’ll try and demonstrate some of these signs, so the next time you’re with someone you’ll know what to pay attention to in order to be able of telling who’s right for you and who’s not. Some are more obvious and catchy than others.

1-You don’t have to think about what you’re going to say or how to say it:

if you feel comfortable telling you partner everything, if you can be your true self around them and you can say every and anything with no hesitation, or thinking it twice, and without being afraid that you’d be judged, than you’re with someone who is defiantly good for you.

2-You don’t have to explain everything you do or don’t:

not having to explain yourself to your partner means that you feel understood, and that they always try to put themselves in your shoes. And what’s a better feeling that being understood without having to use words or give any explanation!

3-The way they make you feel:

if they appreciate you and treat you with kindness, generosity and respect, than you are in good hands and you have nothing to be afraid of.

4-You are allowed to have healthy conflicts:

 there’s no way in hell, a relationship with no conflicts or disagreements could exist. However, if your relationship is healthy you should be able to sort things out without being mean to each other. Thus, you both should handle things with maturity and communication, for communication is always the best therapy for couples who are amidst a fight.

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