7 Best platforms to study online

7 Best platforms to study online

            Online learning platforms are the means that provide learners around the globe with a safe learning environment to study and improve and develop one’s abilities, performances and skill set online; it helps students and learners in general, no matter their age. This method had gone viral and became increasingly common in these last couple of years especially, with the Covid-19 pandemic affecting our lives and forcing us to stay home. Even now, when life has returned to the way it was before (almost), workers, students and businessmen and women who don’t have enough time for face to face courses prefer to take part in online courses. Giving that the best alternative is, to seek knowledge from the comfort of your own home and at the time that suits you best. Besides, you can learn at you own pace, no need to hurry; whether it takes you two weeks, two months or a year to finish a course, it’s totally okay. It all depends on your professional and personal schedule.

            Regardless of whether you fancy learning a new language, take courses on business, marketing, design and creativity, technology, self development or any other topic that may cross your mind; all of it can be studied online through platforms specialized in this area. In order to develop any skill or learn anything new, one can do it by relying on digital means. Considering that it’s becoming the easiest and quickest way to seek knowledge.

            The only problem is that with all of the available online learning platforms it’s hard to know which one is more suitable for your needs and which one offers the best appropriate online courses for you. The quality of courses, the pricing, whether they offer recognized diplomas and certifications or not are all questions that, without fail, will pop into your head when looking for a course to take. And the more you look for different platforms the more confusing it gets.

            In an attempt from us to make choosing the right and adequate online learning platform a bit easier we made this list of the 10 top online platforms:  


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Udemy procure its users with, probably, the largest online courses ever, for it has more than 185,000 available courses that include every possible topic and subject. It can offer certificates but they aren’t accredited.

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