10 Best movies for 2022

10 Best movies for 2022

The best way to pass time is by watching movies. So many of us who are cinephilics and are on a constant search for good new movies get overwhelmed by the quantity of movies that come out each year.

Indeed, each year there are a lot of movies coming out, some are great, others are not as good. So it’s hard to keep u with every and each movie that comes out, and it’s even harder to choose or to decide which movie to see. By the end of the year we might miss out on some of the great movies of the year. To avoid that from happening here’s a list of ten best movies for 2022. (keeping in mind that we’re only five months into the year)

10-The fallout:

An American teen drama movie; a high school student suffers from posttraumatic stress after a school shooting, whilst trying to recompose her life.

9-The batman:

The ninth film of the serie of movies centered on the batman character.

8-The worst person in the world:

July, in her quest for love, career, meaning of life and identity ends up taking a realistic look on who she really is.

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